Tourism is really a major part of Egypt’s economy and even for this purpose, it is fairly easy to get some sort of visa in to the region

. Egypt visas happen to be easily processed inside the country’s international air-ports, on the major jacks in addition to all other entry points in the country. The handling of visas at these entry details is carried out by the particular country’s immigration section referred to since the Travel Files, Immigration and Nationality Administration (TDINA). You can also have the country’s visa coming from all Egypt consular missions abroad. Travel agents and visa solutions providers in numerous countries may furthermore facilitate the getting the Egypt visa from the Egypt consulates. visa agency hong kong

Types regarding Egypt Kompakti?kas

There are three forms of visas that are usually available to guests seeking entry to be able to the country. These types of visa options are explained below;

� Entry – Admittance visa is some sort of general type visa which is given to be able to all visitors straight into the country apart from tourist and these transiting through the county. Visitors who seek entry in to Egypt for work opportunities, educational causes, health reasons, for people who do buiness or those seeking residence in Egypt will require this entry visa. Typically the life long the visa depend upon which purpose that will the visa will be being sort.

� Tourist – This can be a most common australian visa obtained by Egypt visitors as Egypt is a major traveler destination. The holiday visa is normally valid for a period regarding 3 months. According to the visa request, the visa may permit a single entrance in the country or even for multiple entries. If one wishes to increase their be in Egypt, they can apply for this extension through the Ministry regarding Internal Affairs.

� Transit – Typically the transit visa is definitely given to guests who are simply in Egypt regarding connecting to a further destinations. Various routes make connections by means of Egypt and this may possibly necessitate this transportation visa. However, residents from most countries will not demand the transit visa for australia when creating a link via Egypt.


To get the Egypt visa, you will require a valid passport that will have from least 6 months to expiry. According to the nationality of the individual seeking the visa, you may either be allowed to get your current visa on appearance in Egypt or you may always be instructed to obtain that prior to your entrance in Egypt.

Typically the following citizens may well get their australian visa at the airport terminal on arrival to be able to Egypt;

� The european union – Citizens associated with Western Europe

� Asia – Residents of South Korea, North Korea, Maldives, Republic of Cina, Japan, Nepal, Singapore and Brunei.

� Australia -Citizens associated with Australia and Fresh Zealand

� Northern America – Individuals of USA in addition to Canada

� South America – Individuals of all South American States

� Middle East -Citizens from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Unified Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Yemen, Syria, Geboti

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